faux départ

quand on s’enfermedans une bouteille c’estqu’il y a quelque chose qu’on regrette?my wounds, are my infirmarystoic blues of sorrows i wrote in the observatorymind solid proof: sold out shows,beti za weather zimekuwa vagaryusjali, halifani, body inastew slow ni ka tumour zimeongeza mandhariuspanic, yaanijourney,boutique cue esoteric the ink sorcerer ndio decoder wa magicfibo-nacci,classic, neo-polymath,design intel iko… Continue reading faux départ

Per Ardua Ad Astra

If truth be told:        Life is pain. When you break down, just to pick up odds that you’re set up against. Suffer vain, get struck again.  Bleeding out like a ruptured vein. The rapture of flames, preordained fractured leaves you badly scathed. There’s scars. Then there’s an emptiness deflowered by my chest… Continue reading Per Ardua Ad Astra

Survivor’s Remorse

I didn’t think I deserved love. Imagined myself a burden, the friend who was dealing with so much misfortunes. I had learnt how to tell, that I was hurting, needed a little help. It turns out, I was keeping catalogue of the times I stripped bare and vulnerable; reaching out. They were times, the universe… Continue reading Survivor’s Remorse

Proof of Life:

Sometimes, after confronting what many cancer survivors call: “The Why Question [Phase]”; I used to stretch my imagination to accommodate the idea that a timeline on death makes things very clear. It is what I later named one of my favourite paintings after: Lethal Clarity. It all didn’t sum up to that astronomical stretch all… Continue reading Proof of Life: