nihil: conversation(s)

“Are we are evidence of an existential error?”

Pad-chance, man. Zima hio kitu!’

“Well, the switch is probably hidden as a subscript nondescript letterhead on the tailpiece”

‘Is that why you obsess over telomere?’

” — of experimentation?”

‘I prefer simulation. The mystery code is parsed with the signature of all things…’

“Even a heart can be forged, liver. Like compatible bioprints.”

‘Amen. The skeptic is coming out of the closet, lol. How lively.’

“The margin of error is invariably life’s blindspot. Perhaps, the reason why we’re here.”

‘Makes sense. No wonder we mostly just wrestle fate. Life’s such a satire of amusement — this beautiful tragedy of a theatre.’

— nihil: conversation(s)

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