conversations: hope?

“What is hope, O?”

‘An absurdity. No more than some life is an anomaly. And humans must reinvent themselves to confront and live through the same.

I think that hope is the fodder of fate that life fattens before an eventual or unavoidable savoury. Hope is necessary just as much as the discernment and awareness to learn the art of giving up is. Hope involves giving up, a lot. Than we care to acknowledge.

It is becoming intrusive to our claims of triumph; among prevailing circumstances of hardship, that hope has for many been understood as only immaterial, more like faith, something intangible and less empirical.

The dilemma is in hoping, and swinging the bets of (in)action.

My biggest miseries have been situations that have forced me to only just hope. It is the siamese twin of hopelessness that regenerates into a dark night of the soul. I could not wish that for anyone.’

— conversations: hope?

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