“Untitled” Pressure leaves a person cracked uplike when the jeans tearPressure bursts pipes,see through my genes despairThe same pressure cooks diamondSo when they say refines the soulSometimes I question why that’s soSoft and tender,Done bended these bones to swim through the needleI’ve blogged my strugglesThought maybe there’s someone out there who needs my lessonsDiary demonstrates… Continue reading Untitled

Track — This Was Tomorrow Yesterday

|Verse 1| My pen has been drySeem likeI thrive under chaosLike chiral smoke Combustible particles,going savage inside round-bottom glassIn one gulp of the psi I feelI re-formulate myself Decorated with wars,see the colors of an NDE general climbing my DNA Before I exited,Thought I break a piece of my soul with youMagic first, second ratio of time and… Continue reading Track — This Was Tomorrow Yesterday